Nicolet Connectivity Solutions

Patient Data Management Solutions


Connectivity solutions from Nicolet help you enhance your workflow productivity, so you can focus more on your patients instead of managing your equipment. Our seamless data sharing systems give you quick access to patient conditions via an EMR so you can administer treatment quickly.

What is NicVue?

  • A SQL-based multi-modality patient information and data management solution
  • One database allows centralized management of all clinical neurophysiology modalities including Nicolet EEG, LTM, ICU, Sleep,EMG and IOM
  • Supports legacy Nicolet data and databases allowing easy migrations
  • Works with NicVue Connect to provide a bi-directional interface to any HL7-compliant hospital information system
  • Role-based user management folders with audit trail for technicians, physicians and administrators
  • Extensive patient demographic fields including 5 user-definable fields
  • Works with Nicolet devices such as Viking™, Synergy, NicoletOne™ and Endeavor™ CR
  • Easily convert reports to PDF locally and send to a repository for pick-up by your EMR

Benefits of NicVue

  • In conjunction with NicVue Connect HL7 solution:
  • Reduce transcription errors by importing demographics from your Hospital Information System
  • Save valuable time importing rather than manually entering patient demographics
  • Centralize clinical reports in your Electronic Medical Records
  • Improve continuity of care by being able to see all clinical neurophysiology modalities in one place
  • Improve staff productivity with the ability to manage all exam data from any NicVue workstation
  • Save time on data management with one-button archiving to removable or online media for long-term data retention
  • Easily print your own media labels
  • Enhance your workflow when finding patients or data of interest using our date and name filters or create your own customized filters
  • Ability to import patient images when required by Standard of Care
  • Remotely review data over the Internet using a Citrix server to make timely patient care-related decision

NicVue Connect Capabilities for Hospital Information System Integration

  • Automatically import accurate patient demographics from an Admission, Discharge, Transfer message (ADT)
  • Receive Orders with patient demographics and scheduling information
  • Receive demographics with HL7 Query
  • Send reports in the native format of your Nicolet device or PDF copies of those reports from any NicVue workstation to your EMR
  • Native formats are dependent on the modality and may include Microsoft® Word, HTML, and Tekst